DJ Miller

DJ Miller

Imagine it, Mold it - Create it

Artist Statement

What we see on the surface barely expresses the turmoil of human emotions. As highly curious creatures it is our nature to want to know what is hidden, to find what is beyond the surface. As a society, humans often allow the visible to dictate their purpose in life; there is conflict within to be truthful about recognizing innermost strengths and fragility in the journey to find the essence of life. I have endeavored to create a body of work that would communicate the conflict between the visible persona, and the inner turmoil and splendor of humanity in an individual. Influenced by the art of Henry Moore and combining the philosophies of Rodin and Brancusi—striving to achieve the essence of things and the emotionality of the human body, its harmony of proportions, rhythm of lines, and grace of movement—the abstract, biomorphic figurative forms I sculpt convey introspection, the hidden and visible manifestation of strength, fragility, awareness of emotions, and trappings of the human condition; creating forms of exaggerated compression and/or attenuation to illuminate hidden, mysterious, and/or disturbing emotions in humankinds search for the essence of life.  

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